Fumigation of produce like maize, beans, malt, rice, coffee, hides etc involves the use of fumigation sheets, fumigation tablets (phostoxin) and sand snakes.

Depending on the tonnage of the produce concerned, fumigants are placed in double/single doses in the fumigation envelopes and placed strategically between the sacks in the stacks of the produce. Fumigation sheets are then spread all over the stack and sealed all around with the use of the sand snakes such that oxygen is barred from entry.

The fumigant then goes through all the produce and with the heat-generated (approx 37 degrees centigrade) kills all the bugs.

Regular inspections are done for at least four days after which the sheets can be removed.

The premises can then be reopened and after clearance of the dead insects and removing the used fumigation bags normal business can resume.